D.AI.SY GLOBAL NEWS - 14.01.2021

Daisy Official

Exciting and important news at 8am UTC time, January 15th.


We know the challenges, we know the cause of the challenges, and now we are executing the solutions. On this zoom we will update everyone with some GREAT NEWS!


Everyone please take this time between now and the call, to prepare yourself mentally for the next wave of Daisy pre-launch. We recommend not focusing on enrolling new people at this moment, or promoting upgrading, due to the current issues and failed transactions.


Once the new solution is implemented, we will have a 100% success rate of all properly done transactions, anything less is unnacceptable for Daisy. We apologize for the very difficult experience the last few days, and we are excited to announce that the solutions are being implemented, and that very soon there will be no more issues.


8am UTC, www.daisycrowd.com.


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